CBSE Class 8 Rational Numbers

RATIONAL NUMBERS 1.1 Definition of Rational Numbers: Question: What are rational numbers? Answer: A number that can be written as , where p and q are integers and q  0, is known as Rational Number. Example: , 12, -18 etc. Read : Integers If the signs of numerator and denominator are either both positive or both negative, the rational

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maths trips and trick for iit jee relation and function


MATHS TRICKS FOR RELATION AND FUNCTION Download This Tricks As a PDF. Downloading Links Is At Last Of This Page Hey Students, in this post, you will learn about the Maths Tips and Tricks for IIT JEE Relation and Function chapter from class 12 Maths Subjects. This maths tips and tricks is

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real life application of log in ph values

Real Life Scenario of Logarithm: Acidic, Basic and Neutral Behavior of a Substance

Download This Real Life Application of Logarithm in pH value as a PDF  Downloading Link is at Last of This Post Real Life scenario of Logarithms in Measuring pH Value The Real Life scenario of Logarithms is to measure the acidic, basic or neutral of a substance that describe a chemical property in terms of

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CBSE CLASS 10th 2007: MATHEMATICS SOLVED PAPER Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                                                                    Max Marks: 80   General Instruction: 1. All the questions are compulsory. Get CBSE class 10 previous year question paper with solution. 2. The question paper consists of 25 questions divided into three sections- A, B, and C. Section A contains

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Real Life Scenario of Trigonometry

         Download This Real Life Application of Trigonometry as a PDF  Downloading Link is at Last of This Post To know about the real life application of trigonometry, first we brief the introduction of the trigonometry. In school mathematics, we read that ‘TRIGONOMETRY’ is a combination of two Greek words

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Real Life Scenario of Logarithm

Real life scenario of logarithms is on of the most crucial concept in our life. As we know, in our maths book of 9th-10th class, there is chapter named as LOGARITHM is very interesting chapter and its questions are some typical that is required technique to solve. But, after solving

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