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CUET Physics Study Materials Magnetism and Matters Notes AMBIPi

Hi CUET aspirants, Welcome to Amans Maths Blogs (AMBIPi). In this post, you will get CUET Physics Study Materials Magnetism and Matters Notes AMBIPi. This CUET Physics Notes are designed by analyzing to the CUET Syllabus and CUET Previous Years Questions Papers.

CUET Physics Notes

CUET Physics Magnetism and Matters: Important Points to Remember

There are following important points in this chapter of Magnetism and Matters.

  • Electric lines of forces not form close loops whereas magnetic lines of forces are closed continuous curves.
  • When point lies on axial line of magnetic dipole it is known as end on position or tangent A position.
  • Earth’s magnetic field extends upto a distance of 32000 km, which is about five times the radius of earth.
  • Diamagnetic substances can be compared to non-polar dielectrics.
  • Paramagnetic substances can be compared to polar dielectrics.
  • The existence of domains and their motion in applied magnetic field can be observed under a microscope, after sprinkling a liquid suspension of powered ferromagnetic substance.
  • Permanent magnets have high coercivity, high retentivity, and high permeability. 
  • The core of electromagnets are made up ferromagnetic materials, which have high permeability and low retentivity. Soft iron is suitable for this purpose.
  • Magnetic moment M = m × 2l, where m is pole strength of the magnet.
  • Magnetic field at axial point (or End-on position) of dipole

  • Magnetic field at equitorial position (Broad-side on position) of dipole

  • Magnetic field at a point which is at a distance r from dipole midpoint and making angle θ with dipole axis.

  • Torque on dipole placed in uniform magnetic field

  • Potential energy of dipole placed in an uniform field

  • Ferromagnetic materials have been divided into two types: (i) Soft magnetic material: Low retentivity, low coercivity (ii) Hard magnetic material: High retentivity, High coercivity
  • Strength of earth’s magnetic field is of the order of 10–5 Tesla

  • Susceptibilities for different materials

CUET Physics Magnetism and Matters: Important Graphs

1. Curve for magnetic susceptibility and temperature for a paramagnetic and ferromagnetic material. 

2. A curve between magnetic moment and temperature of magnet is

3. The variation of magnetic susceptibility (χ) with temperature for a diamagnetic substance is best represented by

CUET Physics Magnetism and Matters: Important Formulas

1. Magnetic Dipole Moments & Force Between Magnetic Poles, Magnetic Field, Torque, Potential Energy

2. Earth Magnetism

3. Magnetic Equipments (Tangent Galvanometer, Vibration Magnetometer)

4. Magnetic Materials

5. Moving Coil Galvanometer: It consists of a plane coil of many turns suspended in a radial magnetic field. When a  current is passed in the coil it experiences a torque which produces a twist in the suspension. 

6. Magnetic Moment of a Rotating Charge

CUET Physics Mock Test

Now, you have revised the this CUET Physics chapter. So, you must need to practice CUET Physics Sample Papers. By solving these CUET Physics questions, you will be more confident about your CUET preparations.

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