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CUET Physics Study Materials Wave Optics Notes AMBIPi

Hi CUET aspirants, Welcome to Amans Maths Blogs (AMBIPi). In this post, you will get CUET Physics Study Materials Wave Optics Notes AMBIPi. This CUET Physics Notes are designed by analyzing to the CUET Syllabus and CUET Previous Years Questions Papers.

CUET Physics Notes

CUET Physics Waves Optics: Important Points to Remember

There are following important points in this chapter of Waves Optics.

  • Polarization is used to check symmetry in crystals and molecules using the phenomenon of optical activity.
  • Maxwell had predicted the existence of electromagnetic waves around 1855. 
  • Central maxima means the maxima formed with zero optical path difference. It may be formed anywhere on the screen.
  • Fringes with red light are thicker than those for blue light.
  • Ray optics is a limiting case of wave optics.
  • Polaroids increase colour contrast in old paintings.
  • Polaroids used in three dimensional motion pictures and in optical stress analyses.
  • Fresnel’s biprism: It is an equipment which is used for obtaining two coherent.
  • The law of conservation of energy holds good in the phenomenon of interference.
  • Fringes are neither image nor shadow of slit but locus of a point which moves in such a way that its path difference
    from the two sources remains constant.
  • In YDSE the interference fringes for two coherent point sources are hyperboloids with axis S1S2

  • If the interference experiment is repeated with bichromatic, Also, used in determination of wavelength of light.

  • Llyod’s single mirror: It is an equipment which is used for obtaining coherent sources of light by reflection from a plane mirror.

  • Llyod’s single mirror: Only half of the interference pattern is available, the central fringe is dark.

  • Llyod’s single mirror: As the ray suffer a phase change of π on account of reflection from a denser medium, therefore, condition for bright and dark fringe is just reversed.

  • Diffraction Grating: It is an optical device which is used for studying the spectra of source of light and is used in the determination of wavelength of light.

  • No interference pattern is detected when two coherent sources are infinitely close to each other, because β ∝ 1/d.

  • If maximum number or maximas of minimas are asked in the question, use the fact that value of sinθ or cosθ can’t be greater than 1. nmax = d/λ and Total maxima = 2nmax + 1.

  • Limit of resolution for microscope

  • Limit of resolution for telescope

CUET Physics Waves Optics: Important Formulas

1. Constructive Interference

2. Destructive Interference

3. Huygens Principle Young’s Double Slit Experiment, Maxima and Minima

4. Diffraction of Light, Resolving Power of Telescope and Microscope, Fresnel’s Distance

5. Polarization

CUET Physics Mock Test

Now, you have revised the this CUET Physics chapter. So, you must need to practice CUET Physics Sample Papers. By solving these CUET Physics questions, you will be more confident about your CUET preparations.

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