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CBSE Class 8 Maths Visualizing Solid Shapes Notes And Questions

Hi students, welcome to Amans Maths Blogs (AMB). On this page, you will get the short notes and important question of CBSE Class 8 Chapter 10 Visualizing Solid Shapes. These short notes and important questions are taken from the NCERT text books and other books. If you want to get the

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CBSE Class 8 Rational Numbers

RATIONAL NUMBERS 1.1 Definition of Rational Numbers: Question: What are rational numbers? Answer: A number that can be written as , where p and q are integers and q  0, is known as Rational Number. Example: , 12, -18 etc. Read : Integers If the signs of numerator and denominator are either both positive or both negative, the rational

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CBSE CLASS 10th 2007: MATHEMATICS SOLVED PAPER Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                                                                    Max Marks: 80   General Instruction: 1. All the questions are compulsory. Get CBSE class 10 previous year question paper with solution. 2. The question paper consists of 25 questions divided into three sections- A, B, and C. Section A contains

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